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Cell Phone Christmas Gifts at Wirefly

This Year, Shop Online for Cell Phone Christmas Gifts

Cell phones make perfect Christmas gifts. Whether for a family member or as a reward for yourself, a cell phone is a fun, yet practical present for almost everyone on your list. Cell phones and accessories even fit snugly into Christmas stockings. This holiday season, avoid the long lines at the stores and save a few hundred dollars by buying your new cell phones and accessories online.

When you shop online, you won't need to fight the crowds or wait at the wireless store or kiosk--an ordeal even without the holiday rush; and you can take advantage of sale prices that brick-and-mortar stores simply can't offer. At you can find something for everyone on your list and be done with all your presents in less time--and spend less money!--than you do on one trip to the mall.

Cell Phone Gift Ideas

Today’s cell phones are not just communication devices: they also fill the role of fashion accessories as well as fun-filled sources of portable entertainment. It's no wonder that more and more cell phones are replacing traditional electronic gifts like CD players or video games around the Christmas tree. But which cell phone is most likely to get oohs and ahhs when it comes time to unwrap presents?

If you are looking for cell phone gift ideas for Christmas, there are a couple cell phones that really stand out this shopping season: the Sprint Katana, the Cingular D807, plus the brand-new Sprint Red RAZR. All three are packed with features and are ultra stylish.

The Sprint Katana Cell Phone

Sanyo Katana from WireflyThe Sanyo Katana is one of the most vibrant models in the Sprint PCS cell phone lineup. Available in several colors like black, blue sapphire and pink, the Katana makes a fashion statement for both men and women, also aided by its super-sleek profile and contoured design. But in spite of its small size (weighing only 3.4 oz), this cell phone packs an amazing amount of cool technology, like a VGA-quality camera, Bluetooth capability, advanced voice-activated controls and a crystal-clear speakerphone. Also, this Sprint cell phone is manufactured by Sanyo, the company that JD Power and associates has ranked highest in customer satisfaction for the third consecutive year.

The Cingular D807 Cell Phone

Cingular D807 from WireflyAvailable in white and jet black, the Cingular D807 is another cell phone that is both visually striking and feature-rich, making it very attractive as a gift to someone special. Manufactured by Samsung, it sports a unique slider design, which allows this cell phone to accommodate a huge color screen without adding any bulk to its tiny shell. And besides a 1.3 Megapixel camera, the Cingular D807 sports a built-in MP3 player that allows you to jam to your favorite songs without carrying an extra music player. To top it all off, an expandable memory slot lets the D807 cell phone store more pictures, tunes and other cool stuff—whenever you need it.

The Sprint Red RAZR Cell Phone

Sprint Red RAZR from WireflyAnd speaking of cool stuff, a cell phone you definitely want to keep in mind as a Christmas gift is the new Sprint Red RAZR. The Red RAZR is a Sprint exclusive, making Sprint's new RAZR a new and unique item even for such a well-known line. More than that, the Sprint Red RAZR cell phone is part of a group of red-colored licensed items for Product Red, which raises money to combat HIV and other deadly diseases in Africa; for every Red RAZR sold, Motorola and Sprint devote a percentage of the profits to helping reduce AIDS in some of the world’s neediest countries. So this cell phone makes not only a striking Christmas gift, but also a meaningful gesture for a friend or loved one who cares about an important issue in our day.

The H500 Bluetooth Accessory as a Christmas Gift

H500 Bluetooth Headset from WireflyAnd what about a Christmas present for someone who already has a cell phone he or she likes? One of the trendiest cell phone accessories available today is the H500 Bluetooth line of wireless headsets. The H500 Bluetooth line is made by Motorola—the leader in Bluetooth-technology accessories; and H500 headsets are available in a host of vibrant colors to match virtually any cell phone. This way, your friend or loved one can have a swanky fashion accessory that allows him or her to talk hands-free--in style.

So whether it’s an elegant and colorful cell phone like the Sanyo Katana or Red RAZR for Sprint, a feature-packed slider like the Cingular D807 or even a versatile and high-quality accessory like the H500 Bluetooth headset, a “wireless Christmas gift” will be sure to please.

These cell phone gift ideas, as well as hundreds of others, can be found on Shop at for great gifts at the lowest prices, all without standing in line this Christmas season.

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