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Cell Phone Family Plans: Back To School and Beyond

Cell phone family plans are a great way to keep everyone in one household connected, at very little cost. On a family plan, all members share in a pool of monthly minutes to reduce the overall average cost, which is why these cell phone plans are sometimes called "shared plans" -- and what makes them perfect for any household with more than one cell phone user.

The main advantage of a shared or family plan is that the average cost of each phone line is dramatically reduced; that's because a cell phone plan for $40 a month, whereas the add-a-line option is available for as little as $10 a month for each additional phone on the plan. For example, for two people on a shared plan, the monthly cost may be only $50 instead of $80 when you pay for each line separately.

With the potential to save that much money -- or more -- on a monthly basis, sharing a family cell phone plan is an idea every household should consider. Whether you have kids heading back to school, or just want to consolidate your monthly bills, the peace of mind and increased ability to communicate whenever the need arises is certainly worth considering a cell phone family plan.

What Is a Family Cell Phone Plan?

With a family plan, two or more people with individual cell phones -- each with their own phone number -- receive a single monthly bill. The monthly airtime allowance (the amount of minutes that come in a plan) is pooled, so you can split the minutes any way you want.

Just like in an individual cell phone plan, you have the freedom to pick the right number of monthly minutes for you; whether your children only use their cell phones in emergencies, or spend hours chatting with friends, there's a plan that's perfect for your family. As an added bonus, all phone calls between members of a shared plan are free, so you'll never use up your minutes talking to a family member. In short, you'll save money, and find it easier to stay connected.

Why Choose a Cell Phone Family Plan?

Cell phone family plans offer these benefits:

And if your kids want cell phones of their own, consider: Teens and even young adults can have trouble passing a wireless carrier's stringent credit check, making it difficult to qualify for a cell phone plan of their own. Adding them to your family plan, on the other hand, is no problem at all if your own account is in good standing.

When Is the Best Time to Get Great Back to School Deals?

Wirefly's Back to School Sale, which continues through August, is a great opportunity to combine existing cell phone plans or convert your individual account to a family plan by adding lines. If you have teenagers in the house, it's likely that they either already have a cell phone or want the latest model; in either case, Wirefly has exciting deals on family plans and account upgrades, including two or more free cell phones on each plan.

If you've been thinking about transitioning to a cell phone family plan -- and enjoying the savings and added benefits detailed above -- now is the time to act.

Shop Family Plans.

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