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Cell Phone Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

A Cool Cell Phone as a Mother's Day Gift

LG VX8500 Chocolate slider phone

Instead of chocolates, have you thought about a Chocolate as a mother's day gift? As in the LG Chocolate cell phone, one of the most chic and versatile cell phones for Verizon Wireless?

What makes the LG Chocolate cell phone for Verizon Wireless such a fitting present for mother's day? In short: it's colorful, it's packed with fun features and it's free (but you don't have to tell her that).

LG Chocolate: Stylish Present for Mother's Day

The LG Chocolate is a slider music cell phone available in a host of vibrant colors like red, black, pink and white, to suit most tastes and personality-types. And regardless of color, its contoured body is thin and stylish, making this cell phone light and easy to slip in the smallest pocket or purse.

Outside, this cell phone is also sure to please thanks to its large, 240 x 360 high-resolution display, which shows over 262,000 colors, and its intuitive and familiar music player. And once opened, the LG Chocolate reveals a classy soft-touch keypad which is as easy to use as it is nice to look at.

Give Mom the Gift of Music and Images with the LG Chocolate

LG Red Chocolate slider phone

One of the most impressive features of the LG Chocolate--and surely one to please mom--is its music playing capability. This cell phone sports a full-featured MP3 player with built-in graphic equalizer, making it possible for her to enjoy a flexible and versatile listening experience without having to carry around an additional music player. Music can be downloaded from a PC or from Verizon's exclusive VCAST.

In addition, mom can also stream her music files wirelessly from her LG Chocolate cell phone to a Bluetooth stereo headset, which can be purchased separately as a fitting music accessory for the Chocolate.

As for picture-taking capabilities, the LG Chocolate is among today's better camera cell phones, offering a its 1.3 Megapixel digital camera that takes still images and hour-long video clips. In order to store more images and other content, the LG Chocolate features expandable memory, so that the fun can continue without maxing out the phone's capacity.

So, for this Mother's Day, take a closer look at the LG Chocolate cell phone for Verizon Wireless... Still a Chocolate, but not the same old "box of."

To find your free Chocolate cell phone as well as other cell phone deals, please visit, your wireless superstore.

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